Jay Berndt

Jay Berndt began his career as the singer for 90's metal band Kilgore (Smudge). Over the last 10 years, he has been writing and performing country/rock/blues/garage/roots music in The Revival Preachers, The Brimstone Assembly and as a solo artist. 

In November 2010 Jay released his debut solo album  "Sad Bastard Songs" on Rusty Knuckles Records. The album is written, performed and produced by Jay Berndt. A modern interpretation of classic country: "Sad Bastard Songs" is a labor of love, over two years in the making, with most of the instruments handled by Berndt. Each song takes you on a journey of heartache, death, judgment and the search for redemption.

Now backed by The Orphans... Jay's music is equal parts soul meets rock, Van Morrison meets the Clash, Bob Seger meets Motown and Waylon Jennings meets The E-Street Band. They are currently working on a full length release "Life, Love and Loss" for Oct/Nov 2015 on Rusty Knuckles Records.

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